Thursday, February 28, 2013

red marbles.

Sometimes an outfit just comes to you—even if it's just one of your favorite dresses with some bright tights & a new pair of shoes.

I'm wearing:
Blazer: Gap
Dress: shop in Camden, London
Tights: Target
Wedges: Calvin Klein via Nordstrom Rack
Necklace: had it for forever
Headband: ModCloth (free gift with purchase)
Makeup: NARS Edie Set

I took these photos first thing in the morning before I went to work which is why a) my hair looks awesome, b) all my attempts at smiling failed, and c) for some reason I decided not to include my scarf & bag which I realized later was a bad decision because it looked good together.

I have had this little marble pendant for as long as I can remember—I always thought it was so cool that the marble was trapped inside that little silver sphere. I'm glad I've been able to hold onto it for all these years.

And sometimes, you just need to wear brightly colored tights to the corporate office. 

Have a great end of the week!

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