Friday, March 11, 2011

Things I love but don't wear/use enough (& design nerdom!).

Last Wednesday it was uncharacteristically warm—I started out in jeans and a t-shirt, and promptly changed to a strapless dress and a jacket (with my combat boots of course). This whole outfit was built around a vintage choker that I found at a local street festival a couple years back. It was gifted to me (thankfully!) and I really love it. That said, I don't wear it enough.

I'm not shirtless, I swear!
Makeup is Urban Decay eyeliner in Zero,
and a teal liner mixed with Urban Decay's eyeliner
in Ransom, with Urban Decay Skyscraper Mascara.
Jacket: Nordstrom, many years ago
Dress: shop in San Francisco; seen on Nasty Gal
Boots (not pictured): ye old combat boots
Choker: vintage, gift

This day was also the first time I wore my hair in pigtails since I was about fourteen. The reason being that it's never been long enough. My two closest friends couldn't believe it when they saw the pigtails. It's so strange how just pulling my hair back creates a totally different look. (Sidenote: recently got a haircut, so no more pigtails for a long while.)

And since this was evidently the day for things-I-love-but-don't-wear/use-enough to be given their chance, this awesome upcycled record bag that was given to me a long time ago (all the way from London!) made an appearance:

Record bag!
DIY ribbon bracelet & friendship bracelet from a friend.
Rings pictured:
1. Celtic ring (from Renaissance Festival)
2. Claddagh ring (from my boyfriend)
3. High school ring

This day was also the annual D.C. Paper Show, which is basically the coolest event ever. Well, if you're a graphic designer. Basically you go into a big room with tables set up for vendors, and you can go around and talk to them and snag their promotional materials: it's like sample heaven. And if folding doesn't sound awesome, then you need to check out Fold Factory. I went to a seminar presented by the founder of Fold Factory, the awesome Trish Witkowski, and it really is a lot more complex and interesting than it seems. And as it is ever year, you leave with a huge bag, full of paper.

That is all for today! I think I'm going to start a feature to be called “Photo Friday,” so look out for that.
Oh, and I am officially obsessed with Polyvore. Find my sets here!

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